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Von einem Tag auf den anderen hat Corona das Leben vieler Menschen auf den Kopf gestellt. Was ist im Jahr 2020 geschehen, während dem Lockdown und in der Coronakrise?

Dienten die eigenen vier Wände in früheren Zeiten im Extremfall bloss als Schlafstätte, werden sie inzwischen als Büro, Schulzimmer, Sportstudio oder Heimkino genutzt. Das erhöht nicht nur den Platzbedarf, sondern verändert auch die Ansprüche an die eigenen vier Wände. Diese neue Situation hat die Leute dazu bewogen, ihre jeweilige Wohnsituation zu überdenken. Der Fokus liegt auf zusätzlichem Wohnraum, aber auch verstärkt auf Aussenräume. So haben wir festgestellt, dass sich Suchprofile von Kaufinteressenten im letzten Jahr dahingehend verändert haben, dass primär der Platzbedarf grösser geworden und auch der Wunsch nach einer grosszügigen Terrasse oder einem Garten gestiegen ist.

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We hope you started well in 2021 and that you were able to spend some quality time over the holidays.

Due to the still ongoing Covid-19 situation, our reception remains closed. Appointments are still possible with advance notification. As before, telephone accessibility is guaranteed during office opening hours. Also, the daily business, especially apartment handovers, will be carried out with adjusted procedures. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and are available for questions by phone or mail.

Stay healthy.


In order to keep up with digitalisation we have been on the social media platforms Instagram an Youtube for some time now. We are constantly improving these pages to get closer to our costumers and partners. We still try to keep the personal contact even though more and more is digitalized. With our company pages we want to be easy to reach for prospective clients and inform them about our latest offers and further information on the real estate market.

On our YouTube and Instagram company page you will find:

  • Playlists and posts featuring our real estate listings.
  • Virtual tours
  • Up-to-date news on the real estate market
  • Everything you need to know about Etzel Immobilien AG and much more.

Follow us on our YouTube and Instagram page so you don’t miss a thing.


Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, our reception will be closed for the time being. Appointments are still possible with advance notification. Various measures have been taken to protect our employees and customers, but we can still be reached by telephone. The day-to-day business, especially the handover of apartments, continues to be carried out with adapted processes. We thank you for your understanding and your cooperation and are available for questions by phone or email.

We wish everyone good health.

We cordially invite you to our New Year aperitif at Churerstrasse 23 in Pfäffikon on Thursday, January 16, 2020, from 4 pm to approx. 9 pm.

Join us for a New Year's Eve, enjoy a fine raclette freshly prepared in our raclette tent, along with other nibbles, wine and other drinks. Forge plans for 2020 - and over the fire bowl a hot iron with branding stamps for a wood painting. And if you wish, you can have our cartoonist draw you and take the cheerful picture home as a souvenir.

Furthermore, there are not only beautiful encounters and contacts to win, but also tangible prizes: At our big competition we are giving away vouchers for the Seedamm Center and Seedamm Plaza as well as an annual subscription to the newspaper Höfner / March Anzeiger, day entries to the Sihlpark and seat tickets for a game by SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers.

As you can see: you shouldn't be missing! If you find that as well, it is best to register by phone (044 787 80 00) or by e-mail (info@etzel-immobilien.ch). Of course, spontaneous visitors are also welcome at any time.

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation this year and for your trust in our work. We wish you and your loved one wonderfully relaxing holidays and a happy twenty-twenty. We look forward to personally toasting a successful year with you on January 16.

Festive greetings

Your Etzel-Immobilien-Team

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Etzel Immobilien AG invited passengers to take a cruise on Lake Zurich last Friday under the slogan "Be our passenger". Customers, partners and suppliers accepted the invitation and enjoyed the trip around the Obersee in the most beautiful weather. After an interesting tour of the Hensa shipyard in Altendorf, the ship left and there were cool drinks and an excellent buffet. Subsequently, the alleged waiter turned out to be a magician and illusionist and delighted the guests with impressive tricks and incredible dexterity. All guests were enthusiastic and active mitdabei, as this picture shows:

etzel immobilien img 35 NEU

The guests on the jubilee tour are not only enthusiastic about the event, but also about the company, as the following statements show:

Michael Bächtiger (UBS)
The cooperation with Etzel Immobilien is totally uncomplicated, but always very reliable. I sincerely congratulate to the 30th anniversary.

Roger Brändli (kmb Rechtsanwälte & Urkundenpersonen)
The cooperation actually goes back to the very beginning of the Etzel real estate. I knew Mr. Gattiker, who founded Etzel Immobilien together with his brother. It is a long-standing good and very serious cooperation.

Thomas Schibler (Schwyzer Kantonalbank)
We maintain a very pleasant cooperation for over 6 years. For me, the Etzel real estate is absolutely professional, very reliable. It is a pleasure to work together with such companies. For another 30 years!

Herr & Frau Züger (Builders)
Etzel Immobilien recently rented one of our properties. Mr. Farrell is absolutely competent and very reliable. Really from A-Z a great transaction.

The employees of Etzel Immobilien AG also had a lot of fun at the event and enjoyed the cruise to the fullest, as the following picture shows:

etzel immobilien img 28 NEU

from the left front: Christine Zeder, Cindy Sagarino, Nina Flückiger
from left behind: Marco Steiger, Martina Lusti, Bernard Farrell, Johann Candrian

Bernard Farrell (Etzel Immobilien AG)
For a good year with you, assistant management ... I really enjoy it. I want to be able to work in this team for a long time and want to build something like that.

Nina Flückiger (Etzel Immobilien AG)
After a short trip to a company in Zurich, I am now fully back for 3 years. I am incredibly happy here and I am looking forward to future projects. I appreciate the almost friendly way of dealing with my colleagues.

Marco Steiger (Etzel Immobilien AG)
A lot has changed in the last few years and it has not always been easy with all these changes. However, today I can say that we are on the right path and I really appreciate the cooperation in the team and with our customers. Many thanks to all who believe in us, trust us and contribute to our success.

03 Luft Etzel Immobilien 30 Jahre Jubileum Daniel Blake Fotografie

Here we live and here we are at home. Enjoy our beautiful region on Lake Zurich. 

Teambild 2019 Juli

Since a short time we also use the social media platforms to be closer to our customers. We are currently building the pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, and more platforms will follow later. As we move towards digitization, we want to improve step by step and maintain proximity to customers, partners and friends as much as possible. Even as the world becomes more and more digital, we still value personal contact. Hereby we would like to stay easily accessible for everyone and inform you accordingly about the current events in our real estate market.

On our Facebook page you will find: Our latest object slideshow with properties for sale / Current offers (residential and commercial) of rental and purchase objects in the shop / everything about our team / Vacancies / Market reports as well as all planned fairs and events such as open days - Follow us and stay informed.


On our LinkedIn company page you will find: Our latest property slideshow with properties for sale / everything about our team / Vacancies / Market reports as well as all planned trade fairs and events such as open days - Follow us and stay informed.


On March 15, 2019, the Schwyzer Eigenheim-Messe opened its doors for the first time in the Seedamm Plaza in Pfäffikon SZ. The exhibitors and the organizers pulled together in the past year and tried to revive the outdated model in Altendorf with a new trade fair concept. New, all exhibited objects were sorted and presented by region and this regardless of the provider, which is very well received by all.


The fair was very well attended and for everyone a positive experience. Our consultants spent a great time with many nice visitors and exhibitors and were able to stock up on the numerous interested parties with information, documentation and freebies. 


It was a lot of fun and we would like to thank all visitors, the other exhibitors and the organizer for the great fair. We look forward to seeing you again soon and wish you all a good time.

Etzel Immobilien AG was registered in the commercial register on March 7, 1989, and since then has contributed a great deal to the current market situation in the regional real estate sector.

Everything is going to be golden for the 30th anniversary. So also the market appearance. However not only the market appearance is golden, but also our services. We still offer you the complete package around real estate and will be available to you in the future with questions. Our team is dedicated, competent and uncomplicated and will gladly advise you.





The jubilee of Etzel Immobilien AG is discussed in various media. Renovum Exclusive Magazine published a two-page report with an interview with founding brothers Jakob and Adrian Gattiker. You can see the complete report here

We would like to thank all customers and partners of the past years for their trust in us and the good cooperation. We look forward to more exciting and successful years and wish you all a good time. 

In the new year, we go high and continue to pay the extra mile for our valued customers and wish everyone a successful 2019.

Etzel Immobilien AG Team mit Xenia 50R1991 color 7000px 3x2 Gerry Pacher

You are cordially invited to our traditional New Year aperitif with us at the Churerstrasse 23 in Pfäffikon SZ. Our offices will be converted into a cozy meeting place and we look forward to starting a happy new year with you.

Catering, fun and entertainment are provided. In addition to fine tarte flambée and pizzas from the oven, you can join our competition and win a coupon from Seedamm Plaza. Or shoot great souvenir photos with us and the other guests in the selfie photo box. For organizational reasons we are grateful for your registration. Preferably by e-mail on info@etzel-immobilien.ch. Spontaneous visitors are of course welcome. We look forward to seeing you and sharing a nice New Year's Eve with you.

We wish you and your loved one a beautiful Advent season, contemplative holidays and a great start to the new year.

Merry Christmas

Your Etzel real estate team

In the autumn of 2018, the SVIT Zurich regained an old known member. Etzel Immobilien AG resumed its partnership after a short break and is now a proud member of SVIT. After two successful trade fair participations and good discussions with other members and responsible persons, they have once again expressed their support for a membership and do not want to forgo their expertise and good network in the future.

The SVIT Zurich is the largest membership organization in SVIT Switzerland and has more than 400 members. The main task of the association is the association and membership, the provision of education and training, the creation of a real estate network, active support in the field of learners to increase the external and internal impact, to provide the seal of quality of real estate professionals and with its own SVIT Zurich real estate fair to present the real estate offer in the market.

Read here for more information about the SVIT

                       Logo SVIT Zuerich 

We continue to go the extra mile for our valued customers and wish everyone a great summer vacation.

Etzel Immobilien Team color 6850 original 5600px 16x9 Gerry Pacher

Our latest issue of the well-known magazine Immobili.o. is there. You are welcome to view it here.

We wish you a lot of fun while browsing through.

Titel Neu

A moving moment for former owner Jakob Gattiker and the 10-member Etzel team.

Mr. Gattiker and Admicasa Holding AG, after long and intensive discussion, have agreed on the perfect deal. On Tuesday evening of the first week of Advent, the shares of Etzel Immobilien AG were handed over. The early morning of the following day you could already find the headline "Admicasa Holding AG acquires Etzel Immobilien AG" on the internet.

At first it was for many a bit of a shock. "What will happen to Etzel Immobilien AG?" Uncertainty teaches people the meaning of fear. However, there is nothing to fear. Quite the contrary. The regional real estate company Etzel Immobilien remains as it is, respectively, it will be stronger than ever. After all, everyone can profit from the newly gained relationships.

We would like to thank Mr. Jakob Gattiker for his 28 years of business activity with Etzel Immobilien AG and wish him all the best and the best of health for the future. Mr. Gattiker will remain loyal to the company as a member of the Board of Directors and continue to support Etzel Immobilien AG with his broad knowledge and extensive network of contacts.

The upcoming changes are not just a challenge, but also an opportunity for each and every one of us to continue our development and to ensure the sustainable growth of the company. Our team is looking forward to the new co-operation with Admicasa and to investing our energy in a common future.

After the trade shows in Wollerau and Lachen the winners were drawn and we congratulate ...

Mrs. Karin Wehrle - GEWA Wollerau 2017

GEWA Wollerau

Mr. Bruno von Rickenbach - GEWA Lachen 2017

GEWA Lachen

Mrs. Karin Wehrle and Mr. Bruno von Rickenbach have won a voucher of Seedamm Plaza worth CHF 300. We would like to thank all competitors and visitors for their visit and their participation. Both fairs were very successful and we had a lot of fun and always exciting people at our booths. Many Thanks.

Your Etzel real estate team

Alma mit Blase

... the new advertising model of Etzel Immobilien AG

About two months ago, I was born. The Etzel real estate team has launched a call to find a suitable name for me. Over the summer hundreds of great suggestions were submitted by you. Many Thanks. There were also some very creative names, such as: Sofia von der Etzelweid or Miss Etzli von der Höf. I chose Alma. The name is short, simple and I like it very well.

Congratulations on winning the competition, dear Carlo. I wish you and your family a great evening and a good night at the Lützelhof in Pfäffikon.

Your Alma

DSC 0022.jpg Bear

Our new advertising character needs a name. Please help us to find a suitable name for her. Send us your name suggestion by 31 July 2017 and automatically participate in the competition. The name that best suits wins a voucher from the Lützelhof in Pfäffikon SZ worth CHF 400. Spend a great evening at the farm with your family and spend the night in the straw after a fine dinner followed by breakfast.

Click here for the contact form. Please complete the form with all your contact details and enter your name suggestion in the message field. At the beginning of August, We would like to inform the winners personally and introduce the advertising character with the new name in the regional media and our website. If we decide for a name that has been submitted more than once, the raffle ticket will decide.

We are looking forward to many exciting assignments and thank you for your participation.


Gegenwärtig findet eine breite Diskussion über die Tragbarkeit von Immobilien statt.

Die Tragbarkeit wird durch die Banken anhand einer rechnerischen Sicherheitsgrösse, dem sog. kalkulatorischen Zinssatz, von in der Regel 5% ermittelt. Im heutigen Zinsumfeld von Libor-Hypotheken zu 0.8% und von 10 jährigen Festhypotheken zu 1.5% erweist sich die Tragbarkeit als grosse Hürde für viele Käufer. Die Diskussion um die Tragbarkeit wird meiner Meinung nach im Schwarz-Weiss Schema geführt. Die heutige Tragbarkeitsregel von rund 5% plus 1% Unterhalt und Amortisation/Rückzahlung wiederspiegelt nicht mehr die Realität am Markt.

Eine Senkung auf 3% wird argumentiert, würde zu einem massiven Preisanstieg und Gefahren für die Banken und Volkswirtschaft führen. Andererseits wären vermutlich bei einem Zinsanstieg von 2% bis 3% viele Haushalte in Schwierigkeiten und hätten mühe die höheren Zinsen zu bezahlen. Höhere Zinsen kommen aber nicht über Nacht und wohl langsam im schwach wachsenden europäischen Wirtschaftsumfeld. Die strengere Kreditvergabe hat merklich zu einer Beruhigung der Immobilienpreise beigetragen. Auf der anderen Seite weist die Schweiz eine der tiefsten Eigenheimquoten Europas auf und der Wunsch nach dem eigenen Heim ist gross.

Lesen Sie hier mehr darüber

Our latest issue of the well-known magazine Immobili.o. is there. You are welcome to view it here.

We wish you a lot of fun while browsing through.

Immobilio 2017 Titelseite

We would like to thank all our visitors for their visit and the exciting and interesting discussions on real estate. It was nice to see many familiar faces again and we are already looking forward to a next reunion.


IMG 5117 bear

Immobilienmärkte stabil - strengere Finanzierungsvorschriften dämpfen die Zahlungsbereitschaft

Der Immobilien-Marktbericht der Etzel Immobilien AG bietet Ihnen einen Überblick über die aktuelle Marktsituation in unserer Region. Die Immobilienexpertinnen und -experten der Etzel Immobilien AG durchleuchten aktuelle Trends und analysieren statistische Marktdaten sowie -studien, um fundierte Aussagen zum regionalen Immobilienmarkt zu treffen.

Lesen Sie hier für weitere Informationen zu: Wohneigentum, Mietwohnungen, Investmentmarkt und Gewerbeflächenmarkt

Geprüfte Immobilienfachleute für höchste Qualitätsansprüche 

Mitgliederzertifikat SMK 2017

Ausgezeichnete fachliche Kompetenz und verantwortungsbewusstes Handeln - die Schlüssel zum vertrauenswürdigen Immobiliengeschäft. Und zu Ihrer Sicherheit.

Alle Mitglieder der SMK leben und pflegen dieses Berufsethos. Sie setzen wegleitende Massstäbe bei der Wahrnehmung Ihrer Kundeninteressenten.

Das Dienstleistungsspektrum der SMK-Makler reicht vom Vermitteln von Stockwerkeigentum, Einfamilienhäuser, Mehrfamilienhäusern und Gewerbeliegenschaften bis zum Nutzungskonzept für Grossprojekte. In allen Bereichen verpflichtet das Gütesiegel SMK zu höchster Qualität und Leistung. Die SMK ist eine Fachkammer des Schweizerischen Verbands der Immobilienwirtschaft SVIT.

Even if everything goes haywire, we are always there for you.

IMG 4059

IMG 4095


In Pfäffikon SZ the village center and the station surroundings were flooded. Particularly hard hit the district courts, in which almost all the villages have been partially flooded. Many reports concerned flooded streets, basements and garages. Our garage and cellar compartments were flooded and destroyed everything came to the muddy water in the road. Our offices were spared to happiness and the cellar is again clean and tidy.

We are grateful to our neighbors and helpers for the great cooperation during removal and cleanup. It's nice to see that the cohesion of the people in difficult times is still very strong.

In our office you will always get the most recent edition of Y MAG Schwyz. In issue no. 17, a report about Mr Jakob Gattiker was published.

Read more about it here.