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To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Etzel Immobilien AG invited passengers to take a cruise on Lake Zurich last Friday under the slogan "Be our passenger". Customers, partners and suppliers accepted the invitation and enjoyed the trip around the Obersee in the most beautiful weather. After an interesting tour of the Hensa shipyard in Altendorf, the ship left and there were cool drinks and an excellent buffet. Subsequently, the alleged waiter turned out to be a magician and illusionist and delighted the guests with impressive tricks and incredible dexterity. All guests were enthusiastic and active mitdabei, as this picture shows:

etzel immobilien img 35 NEU

The guests on the jubilee tour are not only enthusiastic about the event, but also about the company, as the following statements show:

Michael Bächtiger (UBS)
The cooperation with Etzel Immobilien is totally uncomplicated, but always very reliable. I sincerely congratulate to the 30th anniversary.

Roger Brändli (kmb Rechtsanwälte & Urkundenpersonen)
The cooperation actually goes back to the very beginning of the Etzel real estate. I knew Mr. Gattiker, who founded Etzel Immobilien together with his brother. It is a long-standing good and very serious cooperation.

Thomas Schibler (Schwyzer Kantonalbank)
We maintain a very pleasant cooperation for over 6 years. For me, the Etzel real estate is absolutely professional, very reliable. It is a pleasure to work together with such companies. For another 30 years!

Herr & Frau Züger (Builders)
Etzel Immobilien recently rented one of our properties. Mr. Farrell is absolutely competent and very reliable. Really from A-Z a great transaction.

The employees of Etzel Immobilien AG also had a lot of fun at the event and enjoyed the cruise to the fullest, as the following picture shows:

etzel immobilien img 28 NEU

from the left front: Christine Zeder, Cindy Sagarino, Nina Flückiger
from left behind: Marco Steiger, Martina Lusti, Bernard Farrell, Johann Candrian

Bernard Farrell (Etzel Immobilien AG)
For a good year with you, assistant management ... I really enjoy it. I want to be able to work in this team for a long time and want to build something like that.

Nina Flückiger (Etzel Immobilien AG)
After a short trip to a company in Zurich, I am now fully back for 3 years. I am incredibly happy here and I am looking forward to future projects. I appreciate the almost friendly way of dealing with my colleagues.

Marco Steiger (Etzel Immobilien AG)
A lot has changed in the last few years and it has not always been easy with all these changes. However, today I can say that we are on the right path and I really appreciate the cooperation in the team and with our customers. Many thanks to all who believe in us, trust us and contribute to our success.

03 Luft Etzel Immobilien 30 Jahre Jubileum Daniel Blake Fotografie

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