Shaping living space means influencing trends and lifestyles

The central focus of our property marketing is to make real estate attractive and increase its value. We operate creatively, and as trendsetters in this field, we have always used the most modern means of communication.

Your property's real value

"What is the real value of my property?" is the pre-eminent question of any property owner. It is also the most difficult question. The actual value of a property does not come to light until you are trying to sell it.

Etzel Immobilien determines the real value of your object through a hedonic market valuation. As property owner you benefit from the wide range of experience, the comprehensive market knowledge and at the same time the opinions of our experienced real estate specialists from various backgrounds. Due to our close cooperation with financing institutions, we also know how the banks' internal assessment systems work

A market valuation or estimate of the current market price resulting in an unrealistically high sales price which no one is going to pay is of no use to anybody. The same is true for an estimate which is too low. We are honest and tell you frankly whether we think your idea of the price is realistic. As we know the real estate market of our region very well, you will be receiving a serious assessment as to how much can really be asked for your property - and will also be paid.

The market valuation of your property includes:

  • Examination of all sales documents
  • Taking into account legal subtleties and the legal situation
  • Personal viewing of object on site
  • Determination of the current market price with the assistance of our experienced sales team

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Finding the suitable customer

The times when every residential or commercial object almost sold itself are over. Experience and knowledge have become decisive factors for successful property sales - skills our well-trained real estate experts with confederate diplomas have.

We know the region - comprised of the districts of canton Schwyz, March and Höfe, as our central area, of the upper Lake Zurich as well as other selected areas in the cantons of Schwyz, Zug and Zurich.

What counts in particular is our knowledge of the potential buyer. Our Etzel Immobilien professionals move around the real estate market daily, and they have established a network of well-to-do people. Our data base of potential buyers, which is regularly up-dated, plays an important role in selling your property successfully.

All of these qualities make us a preferred partner for the sale of your single-family house, your flat, your building site, your residential or commercial building.

We offer comprehensive services according to your individual needs: 

  • Market estimate of the property
  • Obtain and examine all relevant documents for sale
  • Take into account legal possibilities and the legal position - e.g. for extension projects
  • Optimal positioning on the real estate market
  • Maximum use of market opportunities through expert marketing
  • Viewings and negotiations with potential buyers
  • Handling contract finalisation at the notary's office

Knowing what tenants want

Etzel Immobilien is your partner for successful first let of your new building project for flats and commerce. The earlier we are involved in your project, the better we can give you, as a private owner or investor, our consolidated advice. Even during the planning stage, we will help you with the client- and market-oriented development of your new building.

Important factors for successfully marketing a new building project are construction targeted at user group, adherence to building and marketing costs as well as a binding time schedule. Etzel Immobilien supports you ((and your building partners)) in complying with these factors.

Our support starts with your desire to invest. We search for a suitable building plot for you, we act as your agent for redevelopment projects and we help you optimize ground plans and materialization. The marketing concept including its implementation is also part of our services - the goal being full rental.

The following comprehensive services are available for the first let of your residential or commercial property:

Preparatory tasks

  • Visiting the property respectively the property to be demolished
  • Feasibility studies in cooperation with our sister company Contractplan AG
  • Consultation for ground plans and tenant fit-out
  • Finalisation of individual rental contract models according to current practice of tenancy law
  • Market-compliant estimation of the rental value of residential, office or commercial objects
  • Develop a marketing concept

Rental tasks

  • Implement measures according to individual marketing concept
  • Surveillance of production and implementation
  • Elaborate and compile documents for first let
  • Creation of target-group compliant publicity campaigns
  • Mailing of documentations and papers
  • Personal talks and viewings with potential tenants
  • Organization and handling of Open Days or set viewing appointments
  • Negotiations with potential tenants
  • Request information about tenants (debt enforcement, references etc.)
  • Hand over tenant files to the building owner or to the agency
  • Transfer of rental objects including hand over report
  • Compile object files including manuals, contact lists etc.  

Controlling and Reporting

  • Continuous surveillance of marketing results and budgets
  • Analyse efficiency of marketing measures
  • Adaptation of measures if required

Link between tenants and owners

As our clients, we treat tenants with the same respect as we do property owners. Their requirements are important to us. In our dealings with them we are reliable and fast. Etzel Immobilien takes care of rented property competently - and is always aiming at solving tasks pragmatically.

As managers and administrators we often meet tenants in very personal circumstances of their lives. Trust, discretion and personal involvement are key factors for fair play in these relationships. We function as a link between residents and owners or investors. With empathy, we bring viewpoints of the different parties together and find the ideal solution, even in demanding situations.

Our extensive services are at your disposal for the administration of your property. Please select according to your precise requirements:

Commercial management / classical administration

  • Transfer of existing contracts including controlling and post calculation
  • Administration of the object including rental contracts, maintenance planning, property accounting etc.
  • Dealing with tenants' matters
  • Monitoring rents and additional charges
  • Invoicing of heating and operating costs
  • Conclusion, renewal and termination of rental and lease contracts
  • Arranging security deposits (bank deposit or insurance
  • Setting up and surveying the house rules
  • Key administration
  • Conclusion, renewal and termination of contracts with caretakers
  • Hiring, introduction and surveying of the caretaker resp. domestic servicing and maintenance
  • Securing building operations: purchase of heating material, conclusion and administration of service contracts
  • Mortgage administration
  • Attend to remodelling and redevelopment, also in case of a change of tenants

New rental

  • Implement marketing measures
  • Publication of ads including administration
  • Creation and mailing of documentations
  • Talks and viewings of the object with potential tenants
  • Negotiations with potential tenants, obtain information about debt enforcement as well as references
  • Transfer of the rental object including hand over report

We take good care of our regional contacts. Due to the strong networking skills of our team, we are always close to for sale properties. We know precisely, prior to others, which objects are up for sale.

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Cooperation with market experts

Etzel Immobilien is your experienced partner in planning and realizing new building projects. The earlier you, as an owner or investor, involve us, the sooner we can implement a targeted client and market compliant new building together.

We support private owners and large-scale investors from their initial desire to invest. Our services include the search for suitable building ground, we act as agents for a redevelopment project, and we help you optimize footprints and create a serious marketing concept followed by its implementation.

Profound market knowledge is a distinctive quality of our expert staff. The owners of Etzel Immobilien AG itself act as promoters and investors. Therefore, as an architect, investor or owner you benefit from a large amount of experience of the Ausserschwyz and Lake Zurich real estate market. Owners and investors regularly obtain maximum prices on the market.

To implement your new building successfully, you can choose from the following services:

  • Search for suitable building site
  • Investors' calculations
  • Project assessment including optimization of footprints, extensions and surfaces, customized for the group of buyers
  • Fixing of rents or sales prices
  • First letting or sale according to plan
  • Evaluation of real estate managers